The nomination or the award can be endowed with a money prize, which then benefits a charitable purpose of the nominees‘ and presidency‘s choice.
    "LORIK CANA 5 FOUNDATION" aims to educate, support and promote the culture of sport and sports activities in the preschool system, thus taking care of the mental and physical health of our children. Statistics suggest that sports activities that take place at an early age make active children grow healthier: • Decreases the risk of Obesity • Healthy growth of bone, muscles and ligaments • Improvement of coordination and balance • Improvement of the cradle structures that create the basics of learning abilities • Improves sleep • Mental benefits, as the highest self-confidence • Improves personal skills, such as co-operation and leadership. "Kindergarten Football Program" It is the first Lorik Cana Foundation5 program for kindergartens. This program focuses on educating and supporting the children of kindergartens to develop their physical activity and regimen, as well as explaining the knowledge and materials that should be used during this process, making them physically and mentally healthy. The three main elements of this first program are: 1. Installation of multi-functional field in public gardens 2. Didactic means of physical exercise 3. Education and training of educators In 2017, 2 sports fields have been installed in 2 gardens. Approximately 190 kindergartens now benefit from these areas as well as the assistance of our specialists who are being trained to give the children the right direction and assistance. During 2018, we plan to establish 6 new fields in 6 kindergartens, thus making 600 children part of the program. Children who will begin to enjoy more of their time, duet being physically and mentally more healthy, and collaborating with each other. Lorik Cana Foundation 5, needs your support and assistance for Albanian children in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro to grow healthy and willing to take up sport in their early years.
  • Future Generation
    Future Generation Project "No to Blood Feud - Yes to Life," foundation is founded in October 2010 and stands to fight against the phenomenon of blood revenge, to raise awareness of it in the community and to help families that remain hidden away in isolation due to this phenomenon. This Foundation has given life to ‘Future Generation’ project. Future Generation is a daycare center located in Shkoder which have a special focus to help mainly children affected from Blood Feud phenomenon, but not only. Part of this center are also children of very poor families that have migrated from mountains and have been located in villages around Shkoder. Coming from such difficult circumstances it is so difficult for these children to give their best they can without any help. Some of them hate school as they are taught in the house that the only meaning of life is to grow up to kill or to be killed because of revenge. So, our vision is to build bridges and giving them the same opportunities as their friends, helping these children to thrive in life so that one day they will transform the society through their transformed lives. Everyday children come to the center after school and for 4 hours they do their Homework, English, Computer, Arts, etc. Sport is a one of the most vital part of this program, not just for the entertainment of children but also, we use sport as one of the tools to develop their personalities and to help them release stress. For us is important to take care of these children in a holistic way, so they will grow up healthy not just intellectually but even emotionally, physically and spiritually. Our Moto: A Good education for the new generation is the key of a bright future of this nation.
  • Chess in Schools and Founding the Chess Academy
    Chess in Schools and Founding the Chess Academy “For more intelligent people” The project to implement chess in schools and to establish the “Chess Academy”, as an integral part of it, is undertaken by the Albanian Chess Federation, to enable the increase and development of the chess movement in Albania, and to facilitate the approach of the beautiful sport of chess to a large number of children between the ages of 6 to 14 years old, trusting in its already proven educational impact, and to increase the quality of the sport, with an ultimate goal of preparing the International Grand Masters of the near future. In 2015, the Albanian Chess Federation “FSHSH”, the Ministry of Education and Sports and the European Chess Union “ECU” signed a mutual agreement to implement chess in schools as soon as possible. Currently this project has started being successfully implemented in some pilot schools, a series of initiatives have been taken and many conferences/seminars have been organized in order to train instructors and teachers all over Albania. In March 2012, the European Union Parliament also passed a very encouraging Declaration specific to the implementation of chess in schools in all the European Union member states. In order to achieve these goals, that are vital not only to the Albanian Chess Federation, but also for the ultimate purpose of bringing up a new generation of the society, a healthier and more responsible one, we request the support of partners and sponsors, through this project. • 3. Actual/tangible results of the project: • Popularizing the sport of chess • Educating and bringing up a more responsible intelligent generation • Generating new talents and even future European and World champions in the sport of chess • Operative summary of the Project • Training teachers to implement the chess in schools project and students to enroll on line in “Fide chess in school” packages by informatics teachers in schools. • Involving students interested in their sports careers, in the mini-academies of chess established in every district and in the chess clubs in every city. • Developing the most prominent talents in the Academy of Chess.