Main Award

The nominees were Lorik Cana, Igli Tare and Edvin Murati. The award was handed out by the Chairman of the Albanian Football Federation, Mr. Armand Duka, who is also chairman of the Albanian Sports Ambassador jury. As Mr. Duka stated, for the jury deciding on the winner for this category was one of the toughest decisions since the three nominees are the Albanian Sports Ambassador and have done much to better the image of Albania abroad. However only one could win this prize and he was the football player Lorik Cana. After the Award ceremony the three selected projects to be supported for this year were revealed. Apart from over 25 projects that Roland Bischof has supported around the world with German Football Ambassador through this organization Albanian Sports Ambassador will support three projects in Albania which are:

Career Award

The Career Award - was awarded by the Italian Ambassador Mr. Alberto Cutillo. Although until the moment he got up the scene he did not know why he was chosen after opening the envelope and reading the name of the winner, everything was clear to him. The award was won by the legend of sport Igli Tare, who after his extraordinary career as an athlete continues his career as the sporting director for the Italian club of SS Lazio in Serie A.

Honorary Award

The nominees were the football player Ansi Agolli, shooter Elizabeta Karabolli and the judoist Majlinda Kelmendi. Giani De Biasi handed over the prize by announcing the winner Ansi Agolli. The award was recived by his mother, Elira Agolli, who delivered a very touching speech.

Cmimi Perkujtimor

The Commemorative award was dedicated to Fadil Vokrri who was handed out by the deputy Sports Minister and great master of sport Kostandin Shkurti. The award was received by Fadil Vokrri's son, Gramoz Vokrri.

Audience Award

The fans have voted for their favorite online at ASA's website until September 24 at 12:00 pm (the nominees were selected by the jury and ASA board). The six nominees were Haki Doku, Luan Krasniqi, Luiza Gega, Erald Dervishi, Elsaid Hysaj dhe Ervin Skela. The award was handed out from Mr. Luan Bregasi, president of the organization Biznes Albania and of our Sponsor Birra Tirana. This award was received by world-famous boxer Luan Krasniqi who shared this award with Haki Doku because the first and second prize difference in votes was only with one vote. An exciting moment for all those who present.

New Entry Award

For this award the nominees were Erblira Bici, Thomas Strakosha, Izmir Smajlaj. The award was given by the Mayor of Municipality of Tirana, Erion Veliaj and Jon Peza who aspires to become a sportsman. Because this award was for the new ambassadors of our state it was decided by the jury board and the presidency that this year this prize will be awarded to all of the three nominees: Erblina Bici, Thomas Strakosha, Izmir Smajlaj, so that the generation of young athletes is supported. Instead of Erblira Bici, the award was received by Era Gjoni, Izmir Smajlaj himself was present to withdraw his prize, while Thomas Strakoshes' mother Adelina Strakosha received his award. Although Erblira Bici and Thomas Strakosha were not present they sent us a greetings video.