Some people really honor us, beyond what politics, parliament, governments can do, there are some people who, with their achievements, are an ambassador of Albania beyond the protocol. When someone scores a goal, when someone breaks a record, when someone produces fairplay when someone after their sport career returns to invest in young people, just as Lorik is doing in the kindergartens of Tirana, we have to say thank you. So, this is a night where we not only have to give a big thumbs up but also thank these people for the contribution and bettering the image of Albania and Kosovo.

    Erion Veliaj – Mayor of Tirana, Albania

    -Better late than never. A very special event and something that should have its continuity and tradition, because nowadays Albanians throughout the world adorn the colors of our nation with dignity and so it is necessary to organize such an event. It was not the matter of winning the award rather than the respect and pleasure of being in the presence of many of my co-players and many athletes from many other sports that honor us through the world. -I feel like at home. It was a great pleasure for me because it is the first time I got such an appreciation in Albania and it was a special emotion. I feel very good because i realized that all the hardships and sacrifices we have made in our lives they also have a special value in our country.

    Igli Tare winner of the Career Award- Retired Footballer, Sporting Director at Seria A Club Lazzio

    It is a very good idea that i hope it will last long and will be held every year for the Albanian ambassadors. A good and determined idea which I believe it will last long.

    Luan Krasniqi winner of Audience Award– Albanian & German actor. Retired professional Boxer. European Heavyweight Champion

    Tonight, I was very excited. It was the first time I took this title as the Albanian Sports Ambassador. It is a great pleasure to be appreciated in your country.

    Izmir Smajlaj winner of the New Entry Award – Albanian professional Olympic athlete specialised in the long jump. Gold medal at the 2017 European Athletics Indoor Championships

    This was the first activity to announce sports ambassadors under the direction of the founder Luar Arani and the German founder Roland Bischof. No stadium has seen so many sports people with contributions in the various disciplines gathered together to choose their ambassador.